About us
Tech Specs

We stock a wide range of Ophthalmic frames and
sunglasses appealing to all tastes, ages and budgets,
which are constantly updated.

In addition we can source frames for clients and offer a no-obligation frame order on approval. The majority of our glasses are completed on the premises from our in-store glazing laboratory using reputable lens manufacturers such as Hoya, Essilor, Zeiss and Kodak. This process ensures we have control over the final product at each stage of production and thus reduces the possibility of error. We specialise in creating the best job possible with the most up to date products on the market including High Index and Free Form Varifocal lenses.

Contact Lenses

Our contact lens service offers flexibility and choice. Trial contact lens fitting and tuition
is carried out by Sean after careful consultation to establish the clients’ needs and
expectations. Lenses offered include Gas Permeable, Daily and Monthly Disposable,
Toric (for Astigmatism) and Varifocal/Bifocal from leading contact lens manufacturers
Johnson & Johnson, CibaVision and Coopervision.  Lenses can be purchased on a
regular or ad hoc basis with options for direct debit or home delivery.

Our Eye Examinations cover all aspects of work and home visual requirements, full retinal
examination including Glaucoma and Diabetic screening and offered to all ages from
pre-school children upwards. We have the facility to offer full NHS services where applicable.